The performance alternative to blow molded acorns. lindyheader (11K)

Compare Blow Molded Acorns

Our Materials Make the Difference

LexaLite uses the finest lighting grade acrylic and polycarbonate materials

  • Excellent clarity
  • Prismatic sparkle
  • Featuring enhanced UV packages
  • 10 year warranty on acrylic versions

Compare the look and performance of the Lindy materials against the polycarbonate or polypropolene acorns, which can yellow, crack and peel within months of installation.

The problem with acorns made with polycarbonate or polystyrene

  • Can yellow due to UV from the bulb or the sun
  • Can crack or peel due to weathering
  • Little or no warranty

Acorns made of polycarbonate provide strength, but it does not offer the long term clear appearance of acrylic. Polypropylene is inexpensive, but, it too can yellow very quickly.

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