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The Lindy vs. Blow Molded Acorns

The Lindy® Series from LexaLite.

You've decided to choose a nostalgic look, and want
thelindycollage_1.jpg best looking globe for your application.   Compare the look 
of a typical blow molded acorn in clear, stipple and white versions and you'll see our 'prismatic sparkle' looks terrific in the daytime, and at nighttime provides significant glare reduction as compared to typical blow molded acorns.

Light control = saving money

LexaLite has designed the Lindy Series globes to control the light and put it right where you need it, on sidewalks and streets. Blow molded acorns don't have any optical control - they can put 46% of its light upward!

Use lower wattage lamps and get better lighting.

The Lindy Series globes are designed to operate with much lower wattage lamps. You'll see better light distribution, less 'hot spots', and less glare.

Use less poles.

Our lighting is so efficient, you can space poles much further apart saving even more money.

Less maintenance costs.

Our prismatic post top globes won't yellow, peel, or crack like blow molded acorns.
Our 10 year warranty on acrylic versions provides years of trouble-free performance. What warranty do you have on your acorns?

Better looks + less energy + 10 year warranty =
the Lindy is right for you!

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